Preservation &
Sustainable Hunting

On Ratelfontein, we believe in the preservation of wildlife and the protection of endangered species through the practice of sustainable hunting. This policy was introduced and promoted by the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation at the 4th World Conservation Congress of the International Union for Conservation of Nature in October 2008. The congress concluded that: 'Sustainable hunting tourism is not the only solution to the conservation of species, but it has to be considered as one of the most successful and economically viable approaches to the long-term preservation of the animal population, including in some cases, threatened species.' Ratelfontein continues to breed the rare Arabian and Scimitar-horned Oryx and has select intensive breeding projects.

A hunting expedition

Under the guidance of Ratelfontein's resident professional hunter your hunt will be tailored to deliver your trophy preference, whilst being carefully planned to pit your skills and endurance as a hunter against the challenges of the environment and the intincts of the prey. You may choose to 'walk and stalk' your trophy with a rifle, or take up the ultimate challenge of the bow.

Your hunt with us doesn't end until our professional hunter has personally managed the preparation and delivery of your trophy.

Great African Trophies

Our leading professional hunter will guide you on your quest for your African trophies. He knows the land well, and will secure sought-after trophies with his patience, skill and intimate knowledge of our premier-plains game. Hunting is mostly done by walking and stalking, whilst vehicles are used to locate the specific trophies being hunted due to the reserve's vast terrain — spanning some 38,000 acres. Take time to browse through our gallery featuring more than 20 indigenous species of exotic game.

Northern Provinces

Ravine & Plateau Lodge

Over 38,000 acres is yours to take in. An ideallic surrounding consisting of more than 2,000 head of indigenous and exotic plains game. A serene destination.

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