A visit to remember

On Ratelfontein, we strive for the harmonious balance of sustainable hunting and the preservation of a vast and rich eco-system. Plant life in the Karoo is perfectly adapted to the extreme climate. Guests are encouraged to experience the Karoo on guided walks, or on horseback. Trace age-old culinary and medical herbs, visit ancient sites of worship and fossil beds in the ancient rock terrain.

Game drives at dawn, where aromas of the scrub rise with the dew off the grass, breakfasts on the veld or a challenging clay pigeon shoot – Ratelfontein is a fulfilling experience for all our guests.

Endless opportunity

Ratelfontein is blessed with an abundance of bird life, ranging from the Cory Bustard, the heaviest flying bird in the world, to the smallest of fly catchers. The private reserve is also home to the swift Peregrine Falcon and the majestic Black Eagle. Be escorted on a game viewing hike, drive or horseback ride with over 25 species of game and numerous species of birds to admire. Ratelfontein will satisfy the most avid game-viewer, bird-watcher and photographer.

A remarkable destination

Twenty five different species of antelope roam the plains of Ratelfontein, including the rare Arabian Oryx, Scimitar-horned Oryx, Red Lechwe and Indian Blackbuck.

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