Your private airstrip

Ratelfontein Private Game Reserve is situated in the Great Karoo, approximately 600km from Cape Town and about 400km from Port Elizabeth. We will collect you from the airport by prior arrangement, or will arrange charter flights from Cape Town, Port Elizabeth or Johannesburg direct to our landing strip on the reserve, where we can accommodate most twin aircraft and small executive jets. S E

A welcome home

The sheep-farming town of Richmond was established in 1843, on one of the highest and coldest parts of the Cape's inland plateau, the Great Karoo. Receiving as little as 400mm of precipitation annually, the open and arid Karoo is home to an abundance of plains-dwelling game species. Ratelfontein is open all year round for weekend getaways, or as a holiday destination for small parties, and provides a relaxed and welcoming space to enjoy a Karoo wilderness adventure.

An ideal location to escape the corporate environment, offering peace and tranquility for focused board meetings, strategic planning sessions, or for team-building initiatives.

The Great Karoo

Over 38,000 acres is yours to take in. An ideallic surrounding consisting of more than 2,000 head of indigenous and exotic plains game. A serene destination.

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